February 9

Free eBook: 7 Myths of Female Fat Loss

Despite all the fitness fads and gimmicks around, when you look at human performance there are certain principles that always hold true: we need to be strong, we need to be supple, we need to add muscle mass and tone, and we need to challenge different energy systems.

Over the years a lot of myths have stuck fast around fitness and fat loss, usually perpetuated by people who don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

So, the team at Encore have created a simple guide to not only bust these myths, but to provide you with the tools to do things properly by setting the record straight…

You can read more about the first myth we want to bust here: Myth: “Protein is for body builders”

Or, fill in the form below for a pdf of the complete eBook.


The Encore Team

The Encore approach to non-stop progress

At Encore, you will find a results-focused fitness environment, designed to constantly move you towards your personal goals.

Our unique blend of intelligently intense small-group sessions, evidence-based exercises and ever-changing programmes trains you as an elite athlete, keeping workouts challenging and exciting.

Our strength and conditioning training programme includes classes that focus on lifting weights, in a closely monitored environment, while other build aerobic capacity.

The Encore team also provides nutritional guidance, sharing a range of information sources and expert advice to complement your fitness programme, and help you reach your goals.

Join us and get fitter, leaner and stronger.

Interested to find out how Encore coaches can help you achieve your goals?


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I love training with Encore

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