Myth: “Protein is for body builders”

We say: “Protein is important. You need to get enough protein so that your body can look and function at its best”

What you’ve been told

Protein is for body-builders and guys who want to bulk up, not for women who want a toned, rather than bulky, physique.

Don’t overdo it on the protein, or else your arms will transform quicker than Cinderella at midnight.

The truth

It’s not the amount of protein that you consume that leads to muscle gain.

It’s your total calorific intake that’s important. In fact, higher protein diets have been shown to help with fat loss when calories are controlled.

Whilst protein is important for maintaining muscle, if you want to ADD muscle then you need to eat more calories than you expend. Protein is hugely important for the growth and repair of our bodies and is essential for a properly functioning system.

So, whilst we do need protein for structural reasons it is also important to think about protein beyond just our muscles, considering things such as detoxification and hormonal balance.

Take liver detoxification, for example, and the major role protein plays here.There are two basic stages of liver detox, both of which require protein. Being that the health of the liver is so important to the proper functioning of the rest of the body, diets that are very low or deficient in protein could be problematic long term.

What you can do?

You need to get enough protein so that your body can look and function at its best. If you’re active, it’s more than likely that you’ll need more than if you were sedentary.

Your requirements will also change based on the other foods that you eat. If you choose to reduce or limit carb intake, for example, you will probably need to make up some of that difference in calories with additional protein. Protein is available in lots of different guises and is available in both animal and non-animal food sources.

Significant amounts of protein are found in meat, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products and legumes, for example, which are all foods from our Encore Nutrition made simple green list.

The reality is that without taking into account the rest of an individual’s nutritional intake it is almost impossible to give an exact figure for personal requirements. A good starting place for anyone looking to make changes to their health and physique, however, is stage one of our Encore nutrition model combined with our foods on the green list.

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Stay strong and lean,

The Encore Team

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