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Myth: “Women should train differently to men”

We say: “There is no reason why women should train differently to men”

What you’ve been told

Women should stick to dumbbell circuits and Pilates training that develops a “long, lean and toned” look, leaving the rather un-ladylike lifting and sweating to the guys.

They should do that because women are different. Intense training isn’t good for women and it will only serve to “bulk you up”.

The truth

Sure, there are considerations that are unique to women such as hormonal fluctuations and the angle of the female pelvis, but the training principles are the same for both sexes. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why women should train fundamentally differently to guys.

In fact, they should, if they want to look firm and toned, train the same way that guys train.

Body geometry is largely genetic and you have your parents to thanks for your lot! We often get asked “Make me long and lean.” No exercise can make you “longer”. Muscles are in fact attached to bones via tendons and these insertion points are fixed. If you want to get leaner and more toned, you need to lose fat whilst maintaining muscle mass.

The recipe for getting leaner and more toned is a combination of resistance training and solid nutrition. Add a dash of cardio to the mix and you’ll be well on your way.

What you can do?

What’s important above all else is that you pick the style of training that you enjoy and are consistent with. For general fitness and fat loss goals our approach is to prioritise strength training, adding cardiovascular training based upon individual requirements and preferences.

Resistance training builds more than strength. It builds a confidence that can only be gained from being physically equipped beyond doing twenty minutes on an elliptical trainer. As the saying goes, “strength is the mother of all qualities”, which translates to “get stronger and you’ll be able to go further, faster and for Ionger”.

If you want to look good, build confidence and get fit in double quick time you should embrace what might be  traditionally viewed as guy training.

Do some resistance training, eat your protein and greens, throw some cardio into the mix and season with a generous sprinkling of focus and consistency and you’ll see your body transform.

There is no reason whatsoever why women should train differently to guys.

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The Encore approach to non-stop progress

 At Encore, you will find a results-focused fitness environment, designed to constantly move you towards your personal goals.

Our unique blend of intelligently intense small-group sessions, evidence-based exercises and ever-changing programmes trains you as an elite athlete, keeping workouts challenging and exciting.

Our strength and conditioning training programme includes classes that focus on lifting weights, in a closely monitored environment, while other build aerobic capacity.

The Encore team also provides nutritional guidance, sharing a range of information sources and expert advice to complement your fitness programme, and help you reach your goals.

Join us and get fitter, leaner and stronger.

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