May 31

Alpha Code: Avoid training to failure

A common misconception in the training world is that you must train to your maximum every workout to make progress.

Pushing every exercise to failure, and crawling out of the gym in a pool of sweat every session, might make you believe you’ve just had an effective workout, however, this isn’t required to achieve results. In fact, the majority of the time, it’s not necessary at all.

Work smart. There are many people who train hard but struggle to make any progress despite all of their efforts. If you consistently push your body to failure on every exercise, a few things will begin to happen.

Instead of your workout energising you, it will leave you feeling drained and de-motivated. You will consistently have aches and pains, and it may also negatively affect your mood. As for your results in the gym, they will quickly diminish, and you may even find yourself going backwards.

The goal is to be smart and train hard enough to promote a positive response from training, not overdo it so that the quality of your other workouts suffers.

You can read the previous chapters on reducing heavy low-rep training and building muscle here.

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The Encore approach to non-stop progress

At Encore, you will find a results-focused fitness environment, designed to constantly move you towards your personal goals.

Our unique blend of intelligently intense small-group sessions, evidence-based exercises and ever-changing programmes trains you as an elite athlete, keeping workouts challenging and exciting.

Our strength and conditioning training programme includes classes that focus on lifting weights, in a closely monitored environment, while other build aerobic capacity.

The Encore team also provides nutritional guidance, sharing a range of information sources and expert advice to complement your fitness programme, and help you reach your goals.

Join us and get fitter, leaner and stronger.

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