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Feel welcome,

train hard, see results

Listen to Farhana who recently joined Encore talk about her expectations, goals and experience training with us.

Meet the coaches and find out how we train

Feel welcome, train hard, see results

Meet Farhana who recently joined Encore. Here she talks about her expectations, goals and experience training with us.

Meet the coaches and find out how we train


Focused small-group strength and conditioning training that’s tailored to your goals and proven to work. Led by expert coaches, designed to push your limits.

Small Group Training

We hate big classes. We know you want to get your technique right so you don't get injured and so you get the best results from your training. We keep our sessions capped at low numbers giving you the run of our spacious, fully equipped gym.

True Strength Training

As we get older, what the body needs more than any other type of fitness is strength training. At Encore this is what we do best. Our clients are stronger and healthier than they've ever been thanks to our strength sessions

Over 50 sessions a week

Starting at 6am throughout the week and running all day, there's a session available to work around any schedule no matter how hectic life is at the moment.

 We have 3 Rules...

1. No Mirrors...

2. No Meatheads...

3. No one gets injured.

Come and find out why we're the friendliest place to train in Hove.

“Training at Encore makes me feel 100 times better and happier!

Having professional coaches right there ensures I'm always being pushed towards my goals and it holds my attention unlike any other workout." 


Member since 2015

"I love training with Encore. The personal attention and coaches on hand really delivers the results.

Lifting weights has noticeably improved my muscle tone, posture and all round wellbeing."



“Before training with Alex, I used to wander around gyms aimless and clueless.

Now, I have a new-found confidence and I made some great gains in just a few months. The coaches always strike the right balance between guidance and motivation."