Personal Training the Encore Way...

Despite all the fitness fads, when you look at the human body, certain principles always hold true: we need to be strong, we need to be supple, we need to add muscle mass and tone, and we need to challenge different energy systems... especially as we get older.

This is how the Encore syllabus is written.

At Encore we train you like an athlete.

What we mean by this is; you’re here to improve your body for your chosen sport...

 And for most of us, that sport is simply: Life!

We write all the workouts so that every body part, every movement, every joint is taken care of. You don't have to worry about a thing. Then we guide you through the workouts as you train alongside people on the same mission as you.

Throughout each and every session, there are qualified coaches by your side to help you get stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier

Seeing your own progress means you want to keep going. The rewards include increased self respect, enhanced self esteem as well as physical benefits that your body will thank you for for years to come.

Alex Backhouse


Alex first qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2005, after giving up a career as a professional musician.  He travelled the world for a few years in search of and working with some great coaches.

He opened Encore in 2015, and has watched it has grow from strength to strength. The mission has become to create a space that's the opposite of everything that's wrong with most gyms... somewhere friendly, happy, fun, and with the best possible levels of coaching.

Alex also has an MSc in Strength & Conditioning from St Mary’s in Twickenham.


Head Coach

Marshall has spent nearly a decade building his knowledge through internships, mentorships and education from around the world and is a student of world renowned powerlifter and strength coach JM Blakley.

He has trained alongside Olympic and Commonwealth Games Athletes as a Weightlifter and with coaches such as Andy Bolton and Dan Green after transitioning to Powerlifting.

Marshall has coached internationally including Seminars and Head Coach positions.


Strength & Wellness Coach

Lauren started her career in fitness in 2014 and has a background in martial arts, previously holding titles in karate, both in the UK and New Zealand.

Lauren also qualified as a yoga teacher in India, which means she has a more holistic approach to exercise and coaching with a passion and emphasis on strong healthy movement.

She has qualifications in pre and post natal exercise and as a tutor and assessor within the fitness industry and loves bringing in home-made healthy treats for her colleagues!

“I'd not been a gym member for nearly 20 years until I was introduced to Encore.

It's perfect - friendly, with a real feeling of being part of something and the results are great! Never felt better!”

Chris T - member since 2018

Mental wellbeing built on solid foundations

Eyes opened to your capabilities and powered by a sense of achievement, you’ll be free to build your mental wellbeing on a solid foundation of physical strength and conditioning.

The confidence and independence you’ll earn through the intense training and hard work will give you a resilience to life’s challenges, allowing you to stay nimble and stand strong.

Become stronger in body and mind.

Interested to find out how Encore coaches can help you achieve your goals?