What does Covid safe training at the gym look like?

The last year saw the first global pandemic in living memory that caused countries worldwide to go into lockdown. The last year has rewritten many rules. However, the hygiene and cleanliness protocols have stayed constant since the Government published its advice a month before the UK’s first lockdown

But the steps needed were clear even earlier and, at Encore, we already had operating procedures in place dealing with enhanced hygiene and cleanliness, as well as member contact protocols if there was a suspected case in the gym.

So, training in gyms can restart on 12th April 2021, less than two weeks away.

But will it really be safe? And, should you risk it?

At Encore, we’ve always gone above and beyond for the safety of our members, and our Covid measures are no exception.

So, here’s a run-down of what we’re doing to stay Covid safe and to play our part in ensuring there is no third wave. Or if you’d prefer to watch a video covering the measures described below click here.

Our policy has always been that the government guidelines are a bare minimum. And we’ll happily go several steps further.

SPACE: For example, gyms are limited to 1 member in the building per 100sq/ft of total floor space. That gives us a limit of 15. However, we’ve capped that at 8 for now because that’s the number we feel we can deliver a great session, and people can keep enough space in between them and stay comfortable.

CLASS CONTENT: We’ve restructured our classes so that you don’t need to share equipment with, cross paths or be too close to anyone else that’s in the same session as you. Individual cleaning cloths and viricidal sprays are provided for each session, and everything is cleaned thoroughly. At least 4 times an hour!

COACH SUPERVISION: All our sessions are, and always have been, coach-led. This means the coach controls the flow of the session, both time-wise and movement around the room. When it’s time to clean your kit and move round, everyone does it, and it all works like clockwork. You never have to ask someone to move or to respect your personal space.

VENTILATION: As I’m sure you know, ventilation is a super important area when it comes to removing covid particles. We’re incredibly fortunate that our premises has patio doors at one end and windows at the other. Perfect for ensuring a breeze is blowing through during training.

TRACK AND TRACE: Because of the Small Group Personal Training nature of our business, every session is pre-booked. This is great because we always have the correct (i.e. safe) number of people in the building. We always know who was here and with whom, should we ever need to contact anyone.

ZOOM IS STILL AVAILABLE: We developed and delivered hundreds of our classes via Zoom for months during lockdowns, and we’re planning to run a mixed schedule until at least September 2021. As such, if you still have concerns, are shielding or isolating, you don’t have to come into the gym to train with us.

I could go on, talking about one-way systems and hand sanitizing stations, but I think you’ve heard enough. We’re ready for you. We’re Covid safe, and we can’t wait to get training people properly again.

We hope to see you back at Encore very soon!

Alex & the Encore Team

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The Encore team also provides nutritional guidance, sharing a range of information sources and expert advice to complement your fitness programme, and help you reach your goals.

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