How we train and what to expect

Our timetable includes over 200 classes on a monthly basis and is super quick and easy to book through our Quoox app.

There’s a lot of thought and expertise that goes into designing our fitness schedule and the different classes that we offer. 

If you're on a 30 Day trial you have unlimited access to our classes plus 10 Credits for Small Group Training sessions.

Small Group Training

These workouts will focus on a Primary Strength exercise for part of the session.


Alongside this, you'll train smaller movements and muscles that help you in getting stronger, looking better, reducing injuries and improving your posture.


These are our conditioning sessions. Here we address the cardiovascular system and your aerobic capacity. You’ll get you heart rate up, burn a lot of calories, have a great time, and of course… sweat! 

These sessions are great for any ability as we scale all the exercises to you current ability.

Build n Burn

This is another sweaty session, but it’s more focused on lifting weights. This is one of our most popular sessions, no matter what time of day it’s on.


We use less technical lifts on this session that allows us to have a bit more fun and keep the pace up.


You’ll learn footwork, punch combinations, head movement and defence. All without getting punched in the face! ;-)

Pads and gloves are provided, but if you've got your own feel free to bring them.

The Big 3 

This is how coaches describe the Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift.


These are the cornerstone of any strength program. And this is what we focus on in these sessions.

Hybrid Theory

A little bit of everything on this page, and a whole lot of fun.


This class blends everything we do at Encore together in one big sweaty workout and it's awesome.

2020 has been a crazy year but, despite a lot of new regulations, we’ve managed to stay true to our ethos and still deliver our syllabus in an environment that’s socially distanced and Covid-secure.

Hit the 'Get Started' button to enter your details and we’ll be in touch in the next 24 hours to to book our initial 'Get To Know You' call. If things sound good to you, then we can book you in for a free tour of the studio and consultation.